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An old urban legend claims that men think about se

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Twinky guys enjoying hardcore sex

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This looks like a tough-guy place, but it's actually really friendly even if you're not a bear or a leatherman. Drinks are cheap and strong too!

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Editor of the week: Luke

My Weekly Recommendations

Hey all! Autumn always makes me horny! I don’t know what it is exactly; maybe it’s the weather, the holidays or simply the fact that I’m a sucker for guys in trench coats. In any case, I spent like a gazillion hours on Supermen.com the past two weeks and found some really interesting things for you to enjoy. Hey, don’t judge me! I know for a fact that you yourselves are horny little devils so don’t be so prude about it! Ok, let’s start the action! Luke

Where to go out

You may not know it, but I have a fetish for Irish men. That sexy accent just drives me crazy. Plus – they are crazy wild in bed. Trust me, I know! So this nice bar is definitely in my to-do list for my first visit to Dublin. My friend was there and he said the staff is gorgeous looking and the music is not too loud so you can actually talk with boys you’re flirting with… important, right? Otherwise you won’t understand their thick accent…

what to read

The million dollar question, right? ‘Where can I find my future husband?’ Usually, the sites and places are filled with men seeking one thing and one thing only – sex. That’s ok, no judgment. We all had our itches in the past (and in the present and future). So this article is all about the search for serious relationships. It has some important tips so read it before you begin the hunt for a trophy hubby.

What to watch

Ok, I’m officially in love! The guy with the Mohawk is AMAZING. His body is ripped and although his cock is not the biggest I’ve had – he sure knows how to use it. He’s fucking that poor little twink to pieces and the ending is extremely hot. No spoilers, don’t worry.
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