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Real heroes aren't so common anymore - but we all want to be saved every now and then, right? That's what the mighty crew of Supermen.com is here for! We will be on guard day & night, fighting everything that's mundane in your life. Whether it's bedroom boredom, lack of clubbing or just general horniness, we will be there, supplying you everything you need – be it guidance, support or the address of the nearest bar. After all, we are your heroes!


2 guys in to blowjobs, masturbation & anal sex

20:14 min

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Held every Thursday at Club Niceto, Club 69 is the local leader of the gay scene. With heavy-hitting music and performances ranging from burlesque to gymnastics, this surely won't be a boring night.

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Welcome to the website for champions who come together to meet super-dudes! We have countless hot and sexy heroes of every type and specialty waiting just for you… They are here to save your day and turn it into something spectacular! So don’t waste any more time... Come and see where all the super-sizzling action takes place!


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Most bars in LA are pillars of mainstream gayness; but not this one. With an actual political agenda and mostly alternative music in the background, this is the place to go if you're sick of LA posers.

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Since it's our first featured article, we feel like celebrating – and what better way is there to celebrate than with music? Here's our Top 10 of the gayest songs ever – so we can all dance together. Let's see if you can guess which songs appear here before you read…

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Sometimes, all you need for satisfaction is just a really big dick. We're no size-queens here at Supermen.com, but this piece of Brazillian man-meat is very impressive as it rips apart twink holes. Well worth your time, gentlemen!
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