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Real heroes aren't so common anymore - but we all want to be saved every now and then, right? That's what the mighty crew of Supermen.com is here for! We will be on guard day & night, fighting everything that's mundane in your life. Whether it's bedroom boredom, lack of clubbing or just general horniness, we will be there, supplying you everything you need – be it guidance, support or the address of the nearest bar. After all, we are your heroes!


Many a time you will hear gay men "tagging" themse

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2 guys getting heated up and banging ass

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This famous club is huge in size and famous for its beautiful crowd. Arrive late to enjoy the right mix of people. Do note, however, that everything is highly priced - but the club is worth it!

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Editor of the week: Luke

Let's score together!

Hey guys!
If you're like me, you're a fan of the hot season! And with the Cup just around the corner, this summer's going to be hotter than ever! "Are you a soccer fan?" I hear you asking… Nope. Not at all! But watching a bunch of the fittest hotties on the market running around for 90 minutes – heavenly! And hornifying as hell. So I’m heading down to Brazil! What about you, are you into soccer? Cause if you’re only turned on by completely naked guys - there's no shortage of them on Supermen.com! Let the fun begin! 


Eddie has the complete package; a sexy smooth body, a hot ass, a sizeable cock and a cheerful attitude. He is very open minded and willing to go to lengths to make sure you're satisfied. Did we mention he's a heavy cummer?

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Since it's our first featured article, we feel like celebrating – and what better way is there to celebrate than with music? Here's our Top 10 of the gayest songs ever – so we can all dance together. Let's see if you can guess which songs appear here before you read…

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Sometimes, all you need for satisfaction is just a really big dick. We're no size-queens here at Supermen.com, but this piece of Brazillian man-meat is very impressive as it rips apart twink holes. Well worth your time, gentlemen!
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