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Real heroes aren't so common anymore - but we all want to be saved every now and then, right? That's what the mighty crew of Supermen.com is here for! We will be on guard day & night, fighting everything that's mundane in your life. Whether it's bedroom boredom, lack of clubbing or just general horniness, we will be there, supplying you everything you need – be it guidance, support or the address of the nearest bar. After all, we are your heroes!


Gloria Gaynor – I will survive Originally intended to be ju

Today's world is fast. Trends appear and disappear in a matter of weeks, new words emerge while

STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) are a subject no one wants to talk about – and rightfully

Many a time you will hear gay men "tagging" themselves as belonging to different groups. "I'm a

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One of Las Vegas' most popular gay bars, Krave, has turned into Krave Massive - a 5-dancefloor nightclub, aimed to please everyone. Cover charges are high, but you're guarnteed to find what you seek.

If you thought this is a place of worship, you're partially right - if you worship kink. Each night of the week has a theme - so choose the one you like and let yourself go!

The Week is the biggest gay club in South America. With two dancefloors and an outside area that includes a swimming pool, this is paradise for the circuit boy. Note: The place only opens on Saturdays!

This mega-bar consists of 7 different mini-bars, each playing a different style of music. No cover charge here, and different attractions like drag shows or strippers pop up from time to time.

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Look at all those hot guys – tall and short, smooth and hairy, Blonde and brunette and ginger… They're here for a reason – and you know what it is. Pick your hero for tonight out of this very extensive list and have fun! You deserve some.

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